Two people quarrel, and finally one person apologizes first. I want to say that the one who concedes first is not really defeated, but he cares too much about this journey. And the apology at this time is the elegant display. When the vigorous and vigorous gradually go away, whether we can help each other is the final test of love. After how many separation, separation and combination, two people finally come together. Once one person becomes two. When I become us, what I am together will show. However, the road of love is not so smooth. It needs two people's long running in and mutual operation of a tacit agreement to be perfect. Maybe she was still angry, maybe she didn't give him gentle, still cold face, but who can recognize the steaming food on the table, who can recognize the already ironed clothes, these are love, because the bone, so elegant. In fact, everyone's love and being loved are not difficult to meet. It's hard to meet the love that comes together. If the one who loves you and the one you love is not alone, then love is still far away from you! Love is the spark of two people, not one person's monologue. Don't think that you fall in love with others is love, if she doesn't fall in love with you. Then, no matter how urgent you are to pursue her, it is only one's wishful thinking. Even if at the end of the day you are sincere, she will open up, which is not a perfect love. Because love can't be exchanged, so when two people fall in love, the person who compromises is often the one who cares most, because he knows how difficult it is to love each other.